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Established in 2020, Xprenia is a self-managed e-learning platform that presents first-hand stories and knowledge from industry experts, always keeping you up-to-date with insights across the world.

Topic: 2-Hour Crash Course: Introduction to NFTs

Date: 27th January 2022 (Thursday)

Time: 2PM - 4PM (GMT +08)

Register here: https://lu.ma/gvrihnll


What is it about?

Join us in this “2-Hour Crash Course: Introduction to NFTs” to learn the key concepts of what NFT is and how you can get started too.


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have been the buzz for a while now, and it is not as complex as you think it is. In this 2-hour crash course, we will walk you through every fundamental you need to know to get started – from blockchain technology to creating your own NFT project. We will also help you to master by doing live demo on how to go about it from scratch step by step.


Learn everything you need to know about NFTs fast with Benny Yuen, CTO of Digital Nomads Lab, Wan Poh Yee, Co-Founder of Gendora and Rebecca Wan, Co-Founder of Xprenia and Gendora. Get prepared for the next stage of technological innovation today.



What will be covered?


1.    An introduction to NFTs

2.    NFTs from a blockchain perspective

3.    NFTs from an artistic perspective

4.    NFTs from an economic perspective

5.    Opportunities of NFTs

6.    How to invest in NFTs

7.     How to create your own NFT project



Who should attend? 

- Beginners interested in learning more about NFTs

- Anyone looking to gain deeper insights into NFTS

- Anyone looking to start an NFT project



About Rebecca Wan

Rebecca is an experienced manager at Axie Infinity, an NFT-based online video game built on blockchain where she manages more than 50 Axie Infinity teams. The NFT/DeFi/Blockchain enthusiast is also actively investing in other NFT projects such as Solchicks, Divine Anarchy and many more. 


Rebecca is also the co-founder of Xprenia - an online education platform with the mission of helping entrepreneurs to fast track their learning in the shortest amount of time through the experiences of various successful entrepreneurs and industry experts. Rebecca has given talks, hosted and conducted events and workshops on Blockchain and NFTs, Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Mental Health. 



About Benny Yuen 

Benny Yuen is the CTO of Digital Nomads Labs, a blockchain consultancy firm. Benny helps businesses discover the possibilities of blockchain and how to leverage it for their business. He has over 10 years of experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm and is looking to share his experience to others.  


About Wan Poh Yee
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wan-poh-yee-76723312a/ 


Poh Yee is a freelance illustrator and calligrapher that enjoys creating artworks as a way to express her creativity to the world. She is the founder of WigglyPrint (https://wigglyprint.com/) and also the co-founder of Gendora (https://gendora.asia/), an NFT project with an objective to empower women.


WigglyPrint is also a one-stop website to get illustrations, calligraphy, and printable stickers for everyday use or simply just for collection. It is a space to share thoughts on various topics surrounding art and creating, productivity, and organisation. 

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