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In basic terms, data science is an interdisciplinary branch of study that makes use of data for different research and reporting objectives in order to gain insights and meaning from it. Statistics, business acumen, computer science, and other talents are all required in data science. 


In the business field, data science's role is to solve "real business problems". Find out how in this podcast, hosted by Lan-Kun Chung— CEO of Singularity and Infinity.


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00:06 Introduction

00:25 What inspired you to develop this idea? How was this idea born?

01:45 What do you consider being the most significant achievement for the company?

02:48 What potential/opportunities do you see in the Southeast Asian Market?

04:14 How can AI services add value to your customers’ businesses?

05:13 What lessons are learned from leading your AI services to your customers?

07:56 What are the differences in how data is used in different markets?

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