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Topic: Being An NFT Artist: What Do You Need To Know
Date: 30 December 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 8PM - 9PM (GMT +08)


What is it about?

Join us in this event: ‘Being An NFT Artist: What Do You Need To Know?’ taking place on 30th December 2021 (Thursday) to learn about what it takes to be an NFT artist and how you can mint your very own NFT!


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has been the buzz for now, and not everyone has figured it out. With NFTs like NBA Top Shot selling for over $387,600, more and more digital artists are trying to get a piece of the NFT pie.


During this 1-hour event, learn how you can become an NFT artist and how you can make your digital artwork starting from zero! Find out the experiences of being an NFT artist from Wan Poh Yee, an accomplished digital artist with her very own art collection for her upcoming NFT Project – Gendora.


What will be covered? 

(1) An introduction to NFTs
(2)  How to draw NFTs
(3) Tips on drawing NFT Art Pieces


Who should attend?

• Anyone who wants to learn how to create an NFT art
• Anyone interested to find out more about NFTs
• Anyone interested to find out more about creating an NFT Project 



About Wan Poh Yee (Moderator)

Poh Yee is a freelance illustrator and calligrapher who enjoys creating artworks to express her creativity to the world. She is the founder of WigglyPrint ( and the co-founder of Gendora, an upcoming NFT project to empower females.








What will be covered?

1. An introduction to NFTs

2. How to draw NFTs

3. Tips on drawing NFT Art Pieces


Please download the presentation deck here.

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