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In this podcast, find out how Ivan and Sam met, how they established their firm and how they manage Nanyang Angelz in the midst of a pandemic.

About Nanyang Angelz:
NAZ started in 2016, is an angel investment network primarily of Nanyang Technological University alumni in China, Hong Kong, and ASEAN. NAZ constantly seeks to add value as an early-stage investor by providing market access via its network, mentoring the startup founders, and providing corporate-startup events/dialogues.


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00:05 Introduction

00:19 Sam introducing himself

02:19 Ivan’s introduction and story of how he met Sam
12:59 Story of how Nanyang Angelz started

16:56 What they’ve done for Nanyang Angelz and what’s next down the road

23:55 Which countries do Nanyang Angelz invest in?
24:55 Nanyang Angelz on pandemic and sustainability

25:51 Nanyang Angelz on becoming more active in online spaces and plans about hosting physical events

28:08 Empathy as the key in selling
29:18 What’s up for Nanyang Angelz’s next event

32:21 Nanyang Angelz working with NTU alumni

36:52 Ivan’s insight on being successful nowadays
39:20 Ivan and Sam’s advice for the listeners

44:29 Closing remarks

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