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We have seen too many apes on the NFT marketplace, but one of the NFT apes that you probably have seen appear on the top list constantly is most likely Cyberkongz. CyberKongz started with a 2D NFT collection and now they are expanding to other series to bring the project to greater heights.


In this video, Rebecca will provide you with an overview of this Cyberkongz NFT project and share some fun and exciting news about the platform’s evolution–from being pixelated 2D to 3D, and other collaborations leading to the metaverse.


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00:05 Introduction

00:45 About Cyberkongz

01:17 Cyberkongz other collaborations

01:48 Types of Cyberkongz and how you can own one

03:49 Perks of holding a Cyberkongz

06:14 About Cyberkongz VX

06:51 Prices

08:29 Available Babykongz

10:19 About owning a fraction of the NFT and its pros and cons

11:09 AOwning Banana Tokens

11:25 Closing remarks



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