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Have you noticed that whenever you search for NFT online, you would often come across a cool-looking monkey?


Well, let me tell you that the monkey you’re seeing is just one of the hottest NFT projects today, called “Bored Ape Yacht Club”-- or BAYC for short. Yep, it’s not a game but a club for NFT enthusiasts.


In this insight, Rebecca Wan gives you a brief overview of what Bored Ape Yacht Club is all about.


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00:05 Introduction

00:47 About BAYC

01:35 What you can get if you were to hold one of the NFTs

02:10 Prices

02:37 What if you want to buy an ape

03:36 Rarity of the Apes

04:24 Other perks for BAYC holders

07:47 MAYC

13:11 Closing remarks

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