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In this interview, learn how Sherry Chung from Numbers Protocol is creating a decentralized photo network to help build trust in digital media! Learn how Sherry started Numbers Protocol and why creating a decentralised platform is essential in today’s digital society.



About Numbers Protocol:

Numbers Protocol is a decentralised photo network for creating community, value, and trust in digital media, where media is authenticated at the moment of capture.


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00:07 Introduce yourself and tell us more about what you do

00:30 What inspired you to develop this idea and how was this idea born?

01:54 What do you consider to be the greatest achievement for the company?

03:54 What potential / opportunities do you see in the Southeast Asian market?

04:55 What do you think is lacking in NFT verticals?

05:59 NFTs are so popular everywhere right now. Where do you see this concept moving towards in the next 18 months?

07:22 What does Numbers Protocol want to achieve?

08:01 How do you stay ahead of copyright protection?

09:31 What are the use cases of Capture, Seal and Trace?

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