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With the ongoing pandemic, fitness businesses need to be resilient, adaptable and innovative to pivot to the fast-changing environment that we live in. We have seen many frustrated gym owners, managers and salespeople in this fitness industry who can’t seem to wrap around their heads to find out why they are unsuccessful.


In this video, Yiying and Nicholas will share their challenges when setting up a fitness business in Singapore.


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00:16 Introduction

01:24 How do you know each other before starting this fitness business together

02:17 Where did the fitness business idea come from

04:47 Does private gym means lesser customers

06:28 Where is the location of your gym

08:33 Work challenges as business partners

12:39 Who is this gym pod for

14:21 What equipment do you have in your gym

16:09 Where do you see yourself in the next 12 to 18 months

18:31 Do you run this full time or do you have other businesses

19:30 How do you manage so many businesses during this pandemic period

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