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Many businesses focus on creating the perfect product for their customers. However, this tunnel vision on spending all the time on improving the product have often led startups to go out of business. Why is that so and what is the solution?


In this video, Paddy explains how the benefits of developing a minimum viable product can help your business sustain its growth.


About Insights From Experience:

In this series, Paddy Tan from BlackStorm Consulting shares insights from his personal experiences being in the business industry for many years. These insights aim to provide you with valuable lessons that you can take away from, allowing you to benefit from the experience of others.


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00:00 The problem with the perfect product

01:46 The purpose of a minimum viable product

03:02 Understanding the demand for your MVP

05:47 Talk to as many people as possible

06:38 Case Study: Apple

07:30 Conclusion

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