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BlackStorm Consulting

BlackStorm Consulting is a boutique growth consultancy firm that helps organisations grow through our extensive knowledge and by tapping on our network of alliances and partners. We scale businesses in Southeast Asia.

Project management uses allocated resources of all forms to achieve specified goals within a finite timeline. It also brings about organisational change, which is becoming increasingly important in a rapidly changing environment. This includes projects to come up with new policies, processes and products.


Naturally, such tasks require a wide range of expertise to handle the nuances of the functions. It calls for project managers to have strong technical skills and, more importantly, excellent interpersonal relationship skills to manage internal and external decision-making interactions.

In this podcast, we will explore five tips to be an effective project manager.




00:00 Introduction

01:00 Tip #01: Be clear 

01:53 Tip #02: Communicate

02:30 Tip #03: Create processes

03:30 Tip #04: Use frameworks

03:55 Tip #05: Be a good leader 

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