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BlackStorm Consulting is a boutique growth consultancy firm that helps organisations grow through our extensive knowledge and by tapping on our network of alliances and partners. We scale businesses in Southeast Asia.

A boss at work may seem powerful, with authority to demand more work, energy, time while holding your job at his fingertips. However, this is a functional title given by the workplace. On the other hand, a leader is acknowledged by his followers, commanding respect and support that they choose to give.


The latter allows you to draw out the potential of your followers, involving various parties working together to achieve the best results. A boss who is not a leader cannot appropriately elicit what employees are to give.


Here are some practical steps to become a leader to your employees.a




00:00 Introduction

00:52 Step #01: Allow mistakes 

01:48 Step #02: Encourage your employees

02:52 Step #03: Set the standards 

04:02 Step #04: Be ready for change 

05:24 Step #05: Stay healthy

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