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BlackStorm Consulting is a boutique growth consultancy firm that helps organisations grow through our extensive knowledge and by tapping on our network of alliances and partners. We scale businesses in Southeast Asia.

“All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision.” – said James Clear


Entrepreneurship is a risky business. All it takes is a chain of bad habits and decisions to cause a business to find itself in a pinch. However, good habits create a systematic way of doing things, resulting in successful results that drive the business forward.


Forming good habits is imperative to running your business, as it will define how you react to situations and make important decisions. In this podcast, we will highlight the five bad habits that you should avoid.




00:00 Introduction

00:33 Bad Habit #01: Being a workaholic 

01:21 Bad Habit #02: Micromanaging 

02:23 Bad Habit #03: Overlooking company fit

03:13 Bad Habit #04: Failing to negotiate

03:13 Bad Habit #05: Staying in denial

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