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When your company is running out of money and you want to cut down on your expenses and costs, you will be wondering how can you cut costs without sacrificing your employees? In this video, Paddy shares 5 interesting tactics on how your company can still cut costs without having to cut down on your manpower.


About Insights From Experience:

In this series, Paddy Tan from BlackStorm Consulting shares insights from his personal experiences in the business industry for many years. These insights aim to provide you with valuable lessons that you can take away from, allowing you to benefit from the experience of others.


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00:00 Introduction

04:10 Convert your full-timers to part-timers

06:14 Identify the good costs and the bad costs

08:00 Negotiate with suppliers

10:00 Negotiate with debtors

11:21 Review your operational expenditure

14:05 Conclusion

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