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BlackStorm Consulting is a boutique growth consultancy firm that helps organisations grow through our extensive knowledge and by tapping on our network of alliances and partners. We scale businesses in Southeast Asia.

"Remember your offering is not always perfect and will never be perfect. However, your time may be the differentiating factor that sets you apart from your competitors, so don't hesitate too long and take calculated risks." Jeslin Bay (Managing Partner, BlackStorm Consulting)



In this video, Jeslin Bay, a business development expert, will be diving into the critical elements of how you can craft enticing and relatable offerings to attract customers. The process is broken down into several questions to ask when crafting your offerings.


Businesses often have a product or service but are unsure how to present and offer it to customers. The way you craft your offering probably defines how your customers perceive your brand. It can make or break the deal. The podcast covers guiding questions on how you can craft your offering.


Suppose an offering is something you already have but want to take to the next level. In that case, the podcast also covers useful tips, and common pointers businesses may usually miss out on when crafting an offering.


Suitable for

• Entrepreneurs with a product or service in development

• Established business owners who want to level up their business offering




00:46 What is an offering

02:20 Questions to ask yourself when crafting your offerings

02:57 What’s the product or service your customers need

04:01 What’s the product or service you want and can offer to customers

05:05 What other value can you provide on top of the product or service offering

08:10 How should the customer feel before, during, and after consuming your offering

08:39 How will you categorise and package your offering to enhance its perceived value, especially selling online

12:23 Key takeaways

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