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Meet Eva Chen, the Co-founder of Nekoko Jewellery. In this video, Eva Chen shares her thoughts on fashion jewellery and her personal journey in the industry. About Nekoko: “Neko” means cat in Japanese. A cat’s elegance, as well as its persistence in maintaining its own style in an ever-changing world, symbolises modern women, who inevitably have to take up multiple roles in life, still continue to demonstrate self-confidence and independence. "Nekoko" was born from the desire to bring out such dignified beauty through jewellery. With Nekoko’s jewellery, the spirit of independence and self-expression is conveyed to all women, through the exquisiteness of the jewellery and Nekoko’s pursuit for quality. Nekoko features four major product styles that are suited for all occasions.

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00:06 Could you give a brief introduction about yourself? 01:06 What do you understand about the fashion jewellery industry currently? 04:18 In a competitive market, how do fashion jewellery entrepreneurs design and convey their own brands? 07:23 How do we choose fashion jewellery that is suitable for ourselves? 11:13 What is your future outlook in the fashion jewellery industry?

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