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Learn how to be TikTok famous with Alex!


Meet Alex Panuphong, Co-Founder of Bluebird Media Group, as he exclusively shares about his tips on how to achieve large numbers of followers and impressions on TikTok, including what tools to use, how to plan video content and the most attractive way to create content.


About Bluebird Media Group:

Bluebird Media Group is a Media-Tech Venture producing content for Millennials & Gen Z in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam through TikTok, YouTube, and online events.


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00:00 Introduction 

00:25 What type of content is highly sought after?

01:06 Which video was the most popular – what was it about and why

01:44 How often do you post on TikTok?

02:24 How do you plan for your TikTok content?

02:58 What tools do you use to schedule and edit for your TikTok?

03:30 How do you get more eyeballs on TikTok within a short period of time?

04:29 What are your tips for creating flawless videos, captions, hashtags and etc?

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