Behind The Curtain of Success:
Zero to Hero

Follow the journeys of ambition, failure, and success as they unfold. The podcast series you've always wanted.
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Whether you're an entrepreneur, a startup enthusiast, or just a curious person, you'll love our stories of pursuits and self-discovery.

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Brian Chen
Startup Consultant of IAPS 

Brian, based in Taiwan, is an experienced industrial strategy consultant. He provides strategic and technical advice for businesses for innovation and growth to achieve the best results. You'll have to create a new adjective to describe Brian. He's in a class by himself!
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Nancy Ahola
Senior Director at CMG Consulting

Nancy, based in New York, is an innovative thinker with deep expertise in telecommunications, technology, consulting, government, and health care. With a proven ability to cultivate enterprise-level connections with market leaders and grow joint ventures, Nancy is top-of-the-line.
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Ivan Yong
Co-founder at Nanyang Angelz Limited 

Ivan, based in Hongkong, is a leading voice in innovation for both corporations and startups. He has helped many explore new ways of building purpose-driven businesses capable of moving ahead at the speed of change. Ivan is also a psychologist and an author!

Being an Entrepreneur

Being an Entrepreneur focuses on interviewing entrepreneurs from various industries to give real and genuine insights on how they got to where they are today. No fluff, no filler, we will only deliver you the real thing. 
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Rubaneswaran Thevasenabathy 

CEO of Beyond4
From a Tech Guy to a Sales Guy

Meet Ruban, Chief Executive Officer of Beyond4, as he shares his entrepreneurial journey. Interestingly, he graduated with a degree in Engineering but did not end up as an engineer. Find out how he managed to turn his life around!
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Ray Tai

CEO of Mighty Net
Market Faster with Hardware Accelerator

In this interview, learn how Ray Tai uses a hardware accelerator to boost businesses. Understand his journey as an entrepreneur and how it has led him to become the CEO of Mighty Net for over ten years.
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Sherry Chung

Co-founder of Numbers Protocol 
Creating a Decentralised Photo Network

In this interview, learn how Sherry Chung from Numbers Protocol is creating a decentralised photo network to help build trust in digital media!
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Richard Lee

Founder and CEO of Crypto-Arsenal
Achieving Financial Inclusion Through Crypto Trading

Meet Richard Lee, Founder and CEO of Crypto-Arsenal, as he gives us insights on why he decided to create a crypto-trading platform, sharing with us other highlights in his entrepreneurial journey.
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Jye Lin

CEO of Uniigym
Combining AI with Fitness

The interconnection of fitness and technology is continuously emerging-- and Uniigym is one of the advocates today. Find out more about how Jye Lin, founder of Uniigym, makes use of AI to improve people's health and performance.
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Cathlyn Liew

Co-founder of Scaleup Technologies
Working as a Women in Tech

Join Cathlyn Liew, Co-founder of Scaleup Technologies, as we get an insight into what it is like to run a tech company from the perspective of a woman. Find out how Cathryn adapts in this male-dominated field and stands out from the rest of the crowd.
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Peter Yu

Founder and CEO of The Screens Guru
Creating Greater Opportunities for Traditional Artists with NFTs

In this interview, learn how Peter Yu from The Screens Guru creates an artist-centric marketplace to help traditional artists blossom in the NFT world!
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Antony Chen

Founder of Protostar Education
Providing High Quality Online Education

Meet Antony Chen, the Founder of Protostar Education, as he shares some of the motivations behind starting his educational company. He also shares some of his personal life goals and aspirations.
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Tony Tan 

Co-founder of Scaleup Technologies Early Adopter in Asia

Introducing Tony Tan, Co-founder of Scaleup Technologies, as we get an insight into his life as an entrepreneur, what it's like to work in his field, and any advice he has for other aspiring entrepreneurs. 
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Daniel Houston 

Co-Founder & CEO at QBell
QR-Based Solution for Your Smart Doorbell

Find out what Qbell is and how it can benefit customers. Hear what inspired Qbell's co-founder and CEO to launch his company! All in one.

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Joseph Wang

Tech for the New Therapeutic Selfcare

In this interview with Joseph, he talks about what inspired him to develop Airbender while also discussing the potential and opportunities he sees in the Southeast Asian market.
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Lan-Kun Chung

CEO at Singularity and Infinity
Solving Problems with Data Science

In the business field, data science's role is to solve "real business problems". Find out how in this podcast, hosted by Lan-Kun Chung— CEO of Singularity and Infinity.
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