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Common Business Mistakes:
How Can Entrepreneurs Avoid Them

Date:  21 November 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT +08)

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What  is this about?

Is failure inevitable, or can entrepreneurs adopt remedial actions to overcome them?

​We all have heard, “you learn from your mistakes,” but what if you can learn from those mistakes without experiencing them yourselves? Wouldn’t this help you to fast track your learning in your entrepreneurial journey?

​The best insight that can be given to any new business owner is the mistakes that other experienced entrepreneurs have committed. Join us in this discussion where you will find out why so many new businesses fold prematurely, failing to grow beyond their “startup” stage and what you can do to avoid all these pitfalls.


  • What are the mistakes made by a serial entrepreneur?
  • What are the common mistakes made by a budding entrepreneur?
  • What are the possible remedial actions to overcome those mistakes?

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who aspires to become an entrepreneur
  • Anyone who wants to learn from a serial entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to fast track their learning and grow their business
  • Marketers looking to capitalise on the gaming industry

Event Replay

01. Introduction & Discussion:
Most Devastating Mistakes and What You Would Have Done to Undo That Mistake

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02. Discussion: Plan You Would Undertake to Undo Your Mistake

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03. Discussion: What Are Some Mistakes That Are No Longer Relevant Now or Wasn’t Relevant Then but Is Now

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04. Discussion: Do You Think a Sensitive Work Culture Is Unique to Asia

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05. Discussion: Difficult Challenges That Still Persist Today 

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06. Discussion: Does Experience Help in Minimising Mistakes

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07. Discussion: Any Uncomfortable Mistakes That You Didn’t Want to Share With Anyone Back Then

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 08. Conclusion for Common Business Mistakes: How Can Entrepreneurs Avoid Them

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Moderator & Speakers

Rebecca Wan (Moderator)

Co-founder, Xprenia

Rebecca Wan is the co-founder of Xprenia - an online education platform with the mission of helping entrepreneurs to fast track their learning in the shortest amount of time through the experiences of various successful entrepreneurs and industry experts. Rebecca has given talks, hosted and conducted events and workshops on Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Mental Health, Blockchain and NFTs.

​She was a business analyst in a boutique consulting firm - BlackStorm Consulting, for two years. Throughout her career as a business analyst, she has identified gaps and differences in businesses in the Southeast Asia region that were not being addressed and brought awareness to many. Hence, she wanted to get the unspoken insights and experiences from the rest to share with all the entrepreneurs out there.

Shelby Tee (Speaker)

Managing Partner, BlackStorm Consulting

As a managing partner of BlackStorm Consulting, Shelby is always keen on exploring, learning new things, and nothing excites her more than a new challenge. Her expertise lies in corporate and product marketing, project management, business operations and crisis management.
​Being in the cut-throat world of retail marketing and project management for nine years has allowed Shelby to quickly identify clients’ needs and deliver the best for them. Her experience in a wide variety of industries has led her to adapt to any situation and environment.

​Having witnessed the impacts of business misalignment in tasks, units, and teams, she has a keen understanding of the importance for the business to strategise internally by developing formalised frameworks to sync up the process and people. The need for a proper marketing strategy for your business can not be understated. Her experience can help you identify the relevant stakeholders to form a continuous connection through the appropriate strategy.

Jeslin Bay (Moderator)

Managing Partner, BlackStorm Consulting

Jeslin Bay is the Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting. As a business scaler, she has expertise in business partnerships, human resource, market-entry, and business structuring in Southeast Asia. She also co-founded a fashion brand, SHINE APART that specialises in loud pieces of outwear that are stylish and yet professional. 

​Being trained in operations and organisation management, Jeslin also conducts deep analytical dives into target subject matter, both internally and externally. Her responsibilities also include the formulation of frameworks and business tools to provide objective and innovative solutions to the clientele, as well as business development

Paddy Tan (Speaker)

Managing Partner, BlackStorm Consulting

Paddy is a business and technical strategist armed with more than 15 years of experience helping business propel to a greater height. His love for technology is rivalled only by his passion for business.

​Being both a serial entrepreneur and investor, Paddy dissects a challenge into pieces and formulate solutions from various perspectives. He also advises business leaders on strategic planning and positioning, helping them to increase profitability and pivot their business to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.


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Angelica C. Gaget
Very satisfied and good presentation.
Jessalyn Gacad
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