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Communicate with Confidence: How to Become a Confident Communicator

This workshop explores the communication process and how to become a better communicator. Learn the value of effective communication skills and the importance of research in understanding the product and its ecosystem.
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What  is this about?

The Upskilling Workshop will teach you how to communicate effectively! The training is a lively, engaging session to strengthen communication and more effectively resolve issues. It's time to take action if you want to increase efficiency and reduce miscommunications in your team's workflow.

Our workshop is tailored to your individual goals and objectives by our experts. We then create course materials to meet your learning objectives, including customized templates, info sheets, and learning activities.

Course Overview

Learn how to communicate effectively

The importance of communication in everyday life cannot be overstated. Learn the fundamental principles for making sure your message is conveyed clearly.

Understand the importance of research

Research allows you to have a better understanding your product and stakeholders. This will allow you to identify business opportunities and effectively deliver products and services that meet your stakeholders’ requirements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop effective communication skills 
  • Learn the importance of research and how to conduct it.

Who Should Attend?

  • Mentees who would like to develop their business skills

Course Outline

Meet the Instructor

Shelby Tee

Shelby Tee is the Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting. Shelby is always keen on exploring new things, and nothing excites her more than a new challenge. Her expertise lies in corporate and product marketing, project management, business operations and crisis management.

Being in the cut-throat world of retail marketing and project management for nine years has allowed Shelby to quickly identify clients' needs and deliver the best for them. In addition, her experience in a wide variety of industries has led her to adapt to any situation and environment.
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