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 Why Startups Fail 

90% of startups fail – that's a significant number.

When it's all too easy to get carried away by startup success stories, nothing is more problematic than hoping to outdo the odds and failing to do so. That's where we come in, we've integrated the best aspects of Why Startups Fail and combined it with Xprenia - our latest platform that hosts all our curated content. 

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A sneak peek into this package!

Premium Case Study 01: Honestbee
🐝 Honestbee aspired to be Asia's largest online on-demand concierge grocery delivery service and the world's most convenient services marketplace ever! What led to its downfall?
  • Headquarter: Singapore
  • Period: 2015 - 2020
  • Total amount raised: USD 49 million
  • Latest Fundraising Round: Series A
Countries Presence
Premium Case Study 02: Pirate3D
Pirate3D aspired to be the world's leading provider of consumer 3D printing solutions by creating a 3D printer that was simple to use and affordable! So what led to its downfall?
  • Headquarter: Singapore
  • Period: 2012 - 2015
  • Total amount raised: USD 3.9 million
  • Latest Fundraising Round: Seed
Countries Presence
E-commerce: International
Premium Case Study 03: Reebonz
👜 Reebonz aspired to create the best luxury experience in Asia. Once seen as a success startup story for homegrown Singapore businesses, it failed. Why and how?

  • Headquarter: Singapore
  • Period: 2009 - 2021 (Acquired)
  • Total amount raised: USD 64 million
  • Latest Fundraising Round: Series C
Countries Presence

Why Startups Fail

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Premium Case Studies

Join us on an exciting journey of discovery as we explore the fascinating and perilous worlds of failed startups. A compilation of everything we learned into an in-depth case study, starting with the first 3: Honestbee, Pirate3d, and Reebonz.

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The Reviews 

awesome - have not read this yet but this will be something to look forward to.
Honestbee failed for all sorts of reasons. You just had to attend their launch event from the very begining - like i did - and you would have seen why.
Kristopher Ryan Watson

Allowing this eventho there is a free subscription needed. The full case study is quite good.
Chris Chan
Thank you for sharing this. Very informative case study.
Sheena Pausal
Read and subscribed! Very comprehensive!
Vincent Kok
Real case, real study 👍
Cairel Anuar

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