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New Payment Vendor Integration 

SEAGM is looking to onboard and brings in more payment vendors to expand and scale their business in the selected markets. The selected markets will be decided based on a few data points (but not limited to):

  • Internal data inputs such as currency and preferred payment method (debit, credit, crypto, e-wallet, and other factors to consider such as currency fluctuations, country issues, current existing revenue data, and projected market revenue)
  • Feedback from the customer service department on any customer complaints. This is to gather if the customers experience any pain points. Although this is an option, it is also preferable to use data from the backend or the PSP.

    The team will need to map out the missing payment gap in the selected markets based on internal data to enhance the SEAGM payments network and help onboard new vendors to capture the growing demand. The business plan should include (but not limited to):

01. Research and Overview 

  • Brief research on the selected market’s payment ecosystem and the target audience’s preferred payment methods.
  • A list of vendors that accepts the local currencies and the norm charging percentage  

02. Partnerships Strategy

  • Understand the selected payment players and the customers they are serving
  • Strategising on the possible leverage points (the perks of collaborating with SEAGM) for the BD team to negotiate with the vendors
  • Sales forecast on the new payment vendors 

03. Operation Plan

  • Internal execution plans and things for consideration for the product, customer service, marketing, and operation integration.

The Approach

Mentees should begin with internal data and analysis and research externally on the payment channels, methods and vendors. Manually collecting internal data and mapping out data sheets for better understanding and referral.

Mid Term Presentation

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