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One Pager: Game Publishers

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New Game Publishers 

SEAGM is looking to onboard game publishers, offering a streamlined onboarding process. That means game publisher partners can list games and promotions on the platform. With a unified point of negotiation, they can look at this as a profitable opportunity.

Referring to the data from APPANNIE, search for New/Grossing/Free games. 
  • Game
  • Company
  • Fishing Clash
  • Ten Square Games
  • Black Desert Mobile
  • Pearl Abyss
  • Mirage: Perfect Skyline
  • Eyougame
  • 剑侠情缘R
  • VNG Games
  • Fate of the Empress
  • Friend Times
  • Lami Mahjong
  • 9You
  • Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask
  • FunPlus
  • 斗羅大陸
  • GM99
  • 道士出觀-林正英正版授權
  • eSkyFun
  • 新射雕群侠传之铁血丹心
  • CMGE
In this project, we would like the team to create a new strategic plan to prepare the negotiation points with the game publishers. The business plan should include (but not limited to): 

01. Research and Overview 

  • Brief research on the game publishers’ ecosystem
  • A list of game publishers

02. Partnerships Strategy

  • Strategising on the possible leverage points (the perks of collaborating with SEAGM) for the BD team to negotiate with the game publishers 

03. Operation Plan

  • Internal execution plans for the onboarding, marketing, promotion, and operation integration. 

The Approach

Mentees should begin with external data then research and identify the onboarding process internally.  

Mid Term Presentation

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