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Buy Now Pay Later

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New Payment Features Integration 

SEAGM is looking at introducing Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) with Atome. Instalment payment platforms are changing the game when it comes to reaching out to credit-shy customers.

SEAGM will team up with Atome Malaysia to launch a buy-now-pay-later checkout system in Malaysia. Note that SEAGM also intends to expand this payment feature to Saudi Arabia, Thailand, the Middle East, and Africa.

In this project, we would like the team to prepare a business plan detailing how SEAGM can work with BNPL players and how both parties can benefit from this partnership. The business plan should include (but not limited to):

01. Research and Overview 

  • Brief research on the BNPL ecosystem and its e-commerce possibilities
  • A list of BNPL vendors, their business models, and unique selling propositions

02. Partnerships Strategy

  • Partnerships provide the team with leverage points to tap into and showcase the value propositions for internal and external ecosystem stakeholders
  • Marketing mechanism and the forecast of the partnership potential 

03. Operation Plan

  • Internal execution plans for the product, customer service, marketing, operation integration, and departments

The Approach

Mentees should begin with external data and research and then examine what internal processes are required for execution.

Mid Term Presentation

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Group 2
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