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One Pager: B2B Reseller

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B2B Resellers

SEAGM wants to expand their distribution network by engaging new resellers for better and broader service by offering and selling the products to their customers or B2B. This will benefit both parties from competitive pricing professional support to secure transactions.

We want to focus on India, China, MENA, and LATAM. We do not wish to create competitors to compete with us within Malaysia. Target reseller included e-commerce platform, E-wallet apps, live streaming platform, and loyalty point exchange services. We can offer all types of products and services listed on the SEAGM portal. 

We would like the team to create a new strategic plan for current resellers in this project. This should include, but is not limited to:
a. The increase in revenue by entering a new market
b. The industry and country norms of potential resellers
c. A checklist of whom to follow up, etc.

In this project, we would like the team to create a new strategic plan to prepare the negotiation points with the game publishers. The business plan should include (but not limited to):

01. Research and Overview 

  • Brief research on the selected reseller’s ecosystem and their customers
  • A list of resellers

02. Partnerships Strategy

  • Understand the selected resellers and the customers they are serving
  • Strategising on the possible leverage points (the perks of collaborating with SEAGM) for the BD team to negotiate with the resellers
  • Sales forecast for the new resellers

03. Operation Plan

  • Internal execution plans and things for consideration for the product, customer service, marketing, and operation integration.

The Approach

Mentees should begin with internal data and analysis and research externally on the resellers.

Mid Term Presentation

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