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NFT Explained: The Art Series

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Artists are being transformed by the new world of NFTs and digital art. Don't miss out on this creative revolution if you're an artist with this online course. Plus, find out how to market yourself as an NFT artist in this highly competitive market!
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What is this all about?

The use of NFTs can be a little puzzling. Are they the same thing as the ones that you've heard of before? What's the big deal about them? What can I do with them? In this NFT Explained: The Art Series, we will answer all of these questions for you. This makes it easier for you to understand and confidently apply this technology to your art!

The way art is viewed, made, circulated, and owned has altered because of NFTs. Learn how to turn your passions into reality by learning how to use this to your advantage. 
This course will help you quickly grasp the most important concepts related to NFTs. So, let's guide you through this learning process and show you how to become an NFT artist without overwhelming you.

Consists Of:

01. NFT Art Explained

In this series, learn from Peter Yu, co-founder of NFT marketplace The Screens Guru, about NFT art, what makes it different, and why you should be excited about it. Additionally, find out how NFT artists can market themselves in this competitive space!

02. How The Emergence of NFTs Changes The Art Industry (Event)

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has been the buzz for a while now. In 2020, the global NFT market did about $338 million in transaction volume! With more and more mediums being sold as NFTs (Nyan Cat, Jack Dorsey’s Tweet, Iconic Crypto Queen), it begs the question, will NFTs change the way art is being transacted? In this event, Mr Peter Yu will be explaining what NFT is and how it affects the art industry.

03. Creating Better Opportunites For Traditional Artists with NFTs

In this interview, learn how Peter Yu from The Screens Guru creates an artist-centric marketplace to help traditional artists blossom in the NFT world! Learn how Peter got introduced into the world of NFTs and why he wants to make a better platform for artists worldwide today.

04. Being an NFT Artist: What Do You Need To Know (Event)

During this 1-hour event, learn how you can become an NFT artist and how you can make your digital artwork starting from zero! Find out the experiences of being an NFT artist from Wan Poh Yee, an accomplished digital artist with her very own art collection for her upcoming NFT Project – Gendora.

The Contents

The Speakers

CEO and Co-Founder of The Screens Guru

Peter Yu, is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Screens Guru and a serial entrepreneur with a background in intellectual property development, management, and monetisation. 

He studied philosophy (aesthetic) at the University of Michigan. He was the former Creative Director of Commercial Radio in Hong Kong and the former Regional Director of Samsung Mpeon, Greater China.

The purpose of The Screens Guru is to liberate artists, curators, and collectors from the current art system. The emergence of NFT provides the paradigm shift needed for the reinvention of the art ecosystem.
Wan Poh Yee 
Co-founder & Artist of Gendora

Poh Yee is a freelance illustrator and calligrapher who enjoys creating artworks to express her creativity to the world. She is the founder of WigglyPrint ( and the co-founder of Gendora, an upcoming NFT project to empower females.

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