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Marketing 101:
Introduction to Marketing

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Delve into the world of marketing like a pro. Learn the basics of marketing and fast-track your success even with no prior marketing knowledge. Witness the real results of this introductory course!

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What is this all about?

Navigate the marketing landscape in this course. Our marketing podcasts and event playbacks will show you how important and powerful marketing can be and how to design the most effective marketing strategy!

This online marketing course is for you if you work in the marketing department and are responsible for creating or promoting content, forming partnerships, or running the show. You will learn about modern marketing tactics and how they can promote a business with a podcast like "How to Create a Distinctive Brand Identity" and event playback like "How to Up Your Marketing Game."

Consists Of:

01. How to Create a Distinctive Brand Identity (Podcast)

Branding is an important element in any business. It is the perception of your brand that can attract customers, even if you have a great product or service. Branding helps you to communicate your message, values and evoke feelings in consumers. In this podcast, you will learn how to create a brand that stands out from the rest.

02.  How to Up Your Marketing Game (Event)

We will cover several marketing approaches - segmentation, targeting, positioning, and how to communicate effectively with the audience to achieve the most favourable marketing outcomes. Shelby also uses case studies to display examples of successful marketing.

03. How To Build a Successful Business Through Sports Marketing (Event) 

Sports Marketing is a subdivision of marketing with an enormous amount of untapped potential. Notice how your favourite athlete's jerseys are plastered with brand sponsors? That's a result of Sports Marketing! Find out from Evelyn Chew her journey in sports marketing and insights on how to succeed in the industry.

04. How to Conduct Preliminary Market Research (Podcast)

Research is a fundamental step before you start your business or try to sell anything. This podcast covers the main aspects of research, including types of research and how to research customer profiles and competitors.

Course Outline

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