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How to Make Business Decisions Using Financial Statements (Part 1: Introduction of Financial Statements)

In this course, you will learn about the three financial statements, their purpose, uses, and limitations.
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What  is this about?

Solving the right problem in the company starts with understanding the financial performance, correctly identifying tell tales, and interpreting the data you have collated. After that, it is a multi-step process involving understanding, calculating, and analysing within the financial statement.

Financial Statements accurately reflect the business performance and financial position of the company. Hence, it's essential to help all the company stakeholders evaluate and make suitable financial decisions by comparing its performance. Analysing and reporting financial statements can offer a level of insight that helps businesses remain compliant while streamlining their income or expenditure-centric initiatives across the board.

Course Overview

Understanding your Tools

Before even attempting to prepare or analyse your organisation's financial statements, you will first learn to identify the different purposes of each financial statement to utilise them better. We will do so by going through the uses and limitations of each statement.

Generating the Statements

To start preparing the financial statements, you will need to understand the layout of the financial statements. We will go through the key elements that make up each statement and the calculations involved when preparing the statements.

Analysing Financial Data

After understanding preparing financial statements, you'll also learn how to avoid common mistakes. Subsequently, you'll be able to learn how to interpret analysis drawn from the statements using financial ratios. By the end of this course, you'll have the skills and confidence to correctly prepare and interpret financial statements for your organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to differentiate each financial statement 
  • Identify the key elements of each financial statement
  • Perform necessary calculations on each financial statement

  • Avoid the mistakes made when preparing financial statements

Who Should Attend?

  • Business owners who wish to gain a better understanding of using financial statements and their analysis

  • Individuals seeking to gain insights into the different types of financial statements and calculations methods

Course Outline

Meet the Instructor

Shelby Tee

Shelby Tee is the Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting. Shelby is always keen on exploring new things, and nothing excites her more than a new challenge. Her expertise lies in corporate and product marketing, project management, business operations and crisis management.

Being in the cut-throat world of retail marketing and project management for nine years has allowed Shelby to quickly identify clients' needs and deliver the best for them. In addition, her experience in a wide variety of industries has led her to adapt to any situation and environment.
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