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Are your HR Practices at their best? While many HR best practices have been around for a long time, some things are about to change! Learn human resource practices that you should be striving towards in this course.

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What is this all about?

Did you know that employees who are happy with their jobs stay longer and are more productive? This course will teach you human resource best practices concerning your employees' well-being. Engage with your employees with tact and care with sessions on disciplinary handling, performance management, and diversity.

Consisting of podcasts and event playbacks, we'll tackle everything related to HR practices, from building a strong engagement with your team to identifying and retaining talents! Explore these human resources classes to see what interests you.

Consists Of:

01. What Makes a Strong Culture in an Organisation (Podcast)

Culture has been one of the essential words in organisational management in recent times. And such an emphasis is warranted. It is defined as the shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterise the company. A strong culture means having every staff convey the company branding through their words and actions. Conversely, a weak culture may result in the company being seriously misrepresented by improper actions of individuals. In this podcast, we will share five factors that can help to promote the company’s culture.

02. How to Build a Strong Engagement With Your Team Virtually (Event)

Having a solid virtual employee engagement is crucial to improving the relationship between an organisation and its remote workers. This will also help to ensure efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Many may think that virtual team building does not have the power to make remote teams feel as tight-knit as an on-site team. Well, you are in for a treat. In this event, Mr Will Teh will provide you with some fun and exciting ideas on building a strong employee engagement without meeting physically.

03. How To Identify and Retain Talents (Podcast)

Not every day does a competent individual agrees to be a part of your company. Retaining talented individuals is a big challenge many businesses face. What can you do about it as a business owner? In this podcast, Paddy Tan shares his insights on how you can identify and retain talents to help grow your business.

04. Secret to Creating a Healthy Workplace (Event)

During this event, we will be looking at some tools, benefits, policies, and healthy engagements that you can consider to help your employees better balance their professional lives! Find out more from Jeslin Bay, Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting, on how she helps her employees to thrive in a healthy working environment

The Contents

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