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Entrepreneurship 101: The Next Standing Entrepreneur 

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Learn what drives entrepreneurs, improve your skills, and get a complete entrepreneurship toolkit that will help you transform your mentality and strengthen your entrepreneurial efforts. Are you the next standing entrepreneur?

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What Is This About?

Make your entrepreneurial aspirations a reality by mastering a tried-and-true framework for starting your new entrepreneurial journey. This course, Entrepreneurship 101, is meant to help people of all ages and backgrounds understand entrepreneurship. This course is as fascinating and accessible as informative!

We have all the resources to get you started. There will be a mix of podcasts and an event playback to get you moving and start making a difference. There is no need for prior business or entrepreneurship expertise. Join us as we begin your journey as an entrepreneur!

Consists Of:

01. Is Entrepreneurship for Everyone (Podcast)

Anybody can come up with a fresh idea, but the entrepreneurial task is to turn it into a profitable firm. An entrepreneur must be innovative, communicative, and highly motivated to prosper while also being open to risk and failure. Sounds challenging to you? In this podcast, Paddy Tan gives you the answer to the question, “is entrepreneurship for everyone?”

02. Four Rules of Work You Should Ignore as an Entrepreneur (Podcast)

To be a successful entrepreneur, you ought to learn business ethics. Entrepreneurs are highly idolised for their work qualities. Suppose you have been looking for guidance about being an entrepreneur and business success. In that case, this podcast will help unfold the pages of success mantras, which many entrepreneurs follow. Ee will highlight four rules you should not ignore as an entrepreneur.

03. How Important Is Motivation When Starting a Business (Podcast)

Starting a business is not merely about how much capital you have in your pocket or how fancy your product’s packaging will be. Thus, behind every successful business stands a highly motivated founder. Paddy Tan will share why motivation is essential when starting a business in this podcast.

04. Why You Should Get a Mentor (Podcast)

We’ve heard that getting a mentor will significantly accelerate your success as an entrepreneur. But Why? Learn how a mentor will help you navigate through the unspoken rules of the startup world. In this podcast, Paddy Tan will share the benefits of having a mentor and how a mentor can help you in your journey as an entrepreneur.

05. How to Become a Productivity Master for Entrepreneurs (Event)

With the new year comes a new season for business opportunities. Being efficient is the key to capturing these opportunities to grow your business. We will need the right skill set to make the most of our time. During this 1-hour event, learn how to handle operations efficiently and use the available tools to assist you in managing your business as an entrepreneur. Join Jeslin Bay and Khoo Chia Ching as they go over how to boost your productivity by over 50% using practical methods.

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