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Be Your Own Boss: Getting Started

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Time to become your own boss and get started in business? This course answers the critical questions you need when starting a business. Learn how to establish your business, manage it, and turn it from a small idea into something bigger. 
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What Is This About?

Are you ready to launch your dream business? Learn how to start a business, manage it, and grow it from a small idea to a larger enterprise. Find out how to expand or pivot your business and make money both online and off. In other words, be your own boss!

Starting a business takes grit, insight, and a certain amount of risk. You must have the courage to take a good hard look at an idea you believe in and ask yourself: Is this a good business idea? It’s not a simple “yes” or “no” answer, but we will make it as simple as possible in this course. You’ll learn how to evaluate your idea and decide on a path forward. Then we’ll guide you through some crucial steps before quitting your day job: building your network, refining your idea, branding, financing and more.

Consists Of:

01. How to Craft your Offerings

Businesses often have a product or service but are unsure how to present and offer it to customers. The way you craft your offering probably defines how your customers perceive your brand. It can make or break the deal. The podcast covers guiding questions on how you can craft your offering.

02. How to Conduct Preliminary Market Research

With information being widely available everywhere and often can seem daunting, this podcast highlights how you can effectively filter what information you can use for your research, as well as tips on how to get better quality research to aid you in your market research.

03. How to Work Out How Much I Need to Start a Business

Having a financial plan is the first step to your business, but many aspects go hand in hand. This includes financing your business, planning for setbacks, and understanding the different types of business costs.

04. How to do Forecasting

One of the most critical parts of a business is finance. Unfortunately, many potential entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the notion of jumping headfirst into a business and are unaware of its budget. This podcast will walk you through a step-by-step process for planning financially for your new business venture.

05. How to Create a Distinctive Brand Identity

Branding is an important element in any business. It is the perception of your brand that can attract customers, even if you have a great product or service. Branding helps you to communicate your message values and evoke feelings in consumers. In this podcast, you will learn how to create a brand that stands out from the rest.

06. What to Prepare for Your Business

Starting your business can be a daunting feat, especially for a newbie. There are many aspects to consider, and they can be intimidating. In this podcast, Shelby talks about setting up administrative activities, laying your foundation for your business, and hiring talents for your new business.

07. How to Network

The phrase is “Your network is your net worth” is often preached to anyone in the professional world. Networking is a skill that is deemed so necessary, yet many are still unsure of how to do it well.

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