Jul 22 / Xprenia

Introducing the Why Startups Fail podcast — a startup playlist just for you!

We're launching something new this week. Buckle up, it's going to be fun—case studies turned into a podcast series. If you prefer listening to reading, great news! Not all of us are longtime readers. This podcast series will be an easy-listen! We hope you enjoy listening to the podcast just as much as reading the case studies. 

Perhaps you had been wondering about all kinds of startups, especially ones that failed miserably. Like, what were they thinking? What went wrong? What could we learn from them?  

When it comes to business, failure is an inevitable part of the process. Simply put, you're going to fail sometimes. The best you can hope for is to learn from your mistakes.  

Our case studies on startup failures are a great way to describe how startups failed and what you can learn from their mistakes. Now, we want to take it one step further by turning our case studies into insightful podcast series. 

Episode 1: Honestbee

We're starting our playlist with one of the biggest failed startups. We're talking about the history of Honestbee—the startup company that started out with a bang but failed. You can listen to this episode right away by signing up. 
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We at Xprenia are recognised for keeping our platform fresh with new and compelling content. This time, we bring insights from our case studies to your ears through our podcast. The podcast series is an audio version of our Why Startups Fail case studies, with stories told by Xprenia.
- Shelby Tee, CEO of Xprenia 

Stay tuned for more! 

In our new podcast series, we'll also be releasing episodes featuring other case studies of well-known failed startups, such as Pirate 3D and Reebonz. You can find it on Xprenia and subscribe to it under the "Why Startups Fail" section. 

This is part of the Xprenia monthly subscription, which gives you early access to episodes and bonus content. The pricing starts at $9.99/month and includes all premium courses, events, case studies, and podcasts!