Xprenia Launches New Interview Series "Zero to Hero"

We are excited to share the newly launched interview series featuring conversations with the world's most awesome entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, CEOs, investors, and forward thinkers. They are bringing something more to the table!  

The startup ecosystem can be tricky, and we want to help. From time to time, we will invite investors, founders, CEOs, and other business leaders in the startup community to talk about their businesses and share tips and tricks learned.  

Now, think of the resources you have right now. Is it the big, futuristic, 21st-century weapon that it should be? Are you confident it can help you defy the current – and future – challenges? If not, think again. Everything that surrounds your venture reflects how it is going to be.  
Our interview series, hosted by Paddy Tan, will give you only the best resource you'll ever need. By interviewing key players in the startup world, we all can contribute our knowledge and experience to you!

The first interview in the new series will be with Brian Chen, Startup Consultant of IAPS. In the coming weeks, Zero to Hero will feature interviews with Nancy Ahola, Senior Director at CMG Consulting, and Ivan Yong, Co-founder at Nanyang Angelz Limited, among others.  
But this isn't just about us, this is about you. If you have exciting life experiences, ideas to share, or works you are proud of, this is the place to tell your story. By participating in this interview, you'll be able to share your perspective in climbing your way up to the steep wall of success.
Your response will be greatly helpful in building an inspiring community for people who, like you, were once dreamers and big-thinkers. If you'd like to be a part of this, please fill out this form so we can contact you and schedule the interview!

Check out the interviews!

The startup ecosystem is a crazy thing. It's truly a roller coaster of experiences. You live and learn, soar and crash, and sometimes do all of the above simultaneously!

We created a series where we bring together some of the top minds and best leaders for an insightful and fun conversation about this. Listen to our new podcast series, "Zero to Hero."
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