Transform one-off training sessions into ongoing learning experience

Craft a learning journey with Xprenia for business. Focus on community building and empowering your members with engaging learning experience. 

Designed for organisational use

Accessible impactful content

Accessible digital learning with experience-driven content that provides updated in-demand skills.

Getting the most out of the investment

Track learning progress with data-drive insights to ensure alignment with the company’s goals.

Scalable learning solutions

Promote engagement and effectiveness directly addressing to your organisational needs through custom learning journey.

Gain a competitive advantage

Invest in your talents for a better future. Create a motivated and sustained team by investing in knowledge.

Seamless integration with your organisation

Integrate seamlessly into your learning and development process.
Topics for learning

Customise the learning journey

Consult our specialist team to handpick content to match your business needs.

Business Skills

Career Skills

Corporate Innovation


Life Skills

Create, Grow and Manage in one learning platform

  • Create - Host your own content or check out our content bank. Set up learning path for your leaners in days.
  • Grow - Upskill your team with ready-made content, designed by experts.
  • Manage – Keep your learners engaged and track their learning progress 
Mode of learning

Engaging learning methods

A one-stop training hub for your team. With flexible learning methods and guided implementation, we aim to provide sustainable training solutions to grow with your organisation.

Events by experts

Broaden the knowledge base by exposing your team to the diversity of thought.

Group discussion

Promote a collaborative approach to solve business challenges with group discussions and activities.

Instructor-led training

Address specific topics with highly-skilled instructors through group workshops.

Continuous eLearning 

Learn anytime, anywhere, through online videos, quizzes, and resources that are interactive.

Hands-on training

Request for experiential training that help your employees fit perfectly in their role.

Coaching or mentoring

Create a programme to attach more experienced professionals to your employees for relationship-driven training.
“The most important principle for designing lively e-learning is to see it as designing an experience.”

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